What we do

HSQ aims to be the awarding body of choice for homeland defence and related qualifications.  We supported the development of  the frameworks, evidence specifications, and assessment guidance for all of the United Kingdom’s vocational qualifications in working with or searching for munitions and contraband, fugitives and the like as well as those relating to explosive substances and articles.  We are therefore able to help selected organizations establish themselves as centres approved to operate all of these qualifications, providing guidance on all aspects of internal and external administration and quality assurance.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the development of other kinds of qualifications for the defence sector, we are able to:

  • develop and award  Awards, Certificates and Diplomas that are recognized by the UK explosives industry;
  • assist employers in developing and providing meaningful bespoke (internal) – qualifications based on their own HR practices and programmes.

We are able to provide consultancy services in a wide range of HR fields, including helping Standards Setting Bodies and employers to develop standards, qualifications, practices and procedures that support their organizational competence-based goals and policies.

From 2007, HSQ partnered the Institute of Explosive Engineers to develop the skills of the explosives sector workforce. This venture operated through the Development Office for Explosives Skills (DOES). This arrangement ended in 2017 when the Institute closed the DOES office and abolished the post of the DOES Programme Manager.