Vocational Qualifications (Awards, Certificates and Diplomas)

HSQ has developed industry-recognized vocational qualifications (VQs) at Levels 1-4  in the form of Awards, Certificates and Diplomas. These qualifications follow the United Kingdom’s model for regulated qualifications and are operated on the same basis.  The full Explosive Substances and Articles National Occupational Standards (ESA NOS), including munition clearance and search, are available as downloads from the Documents page of this website, along with a document explaining the many and varied uses of NOS.

Bespoke Qualifications

In some circumstances,  employers or training providers may wish to seek external recognition of an internal HR process, eg accreditation of training programmes and/or employee competence measured against role profiles or internal/external competence standards.

Such an approach will work particularly well if the employer is able  to incorporate such qualifications in its own internal HR or training process, and even better if other employers recognize the worth of such a scheme.  HSQ is able to help employers and training providers to develop such schemes and can provide the much-needed external certification.

A full list of our qualifications is given in our latest brochure, a copy of which is available in our Documents page