Whatever your competence needs, we are able to help you, either ourselves or in collaboration with our associates who specialize in the area of expertise required.

We specialize in providing the following consultancy services:

  • defining competence for industries, organizations and occupations
  • analysing and describing an organization or industry, with particular attention to it’s structure, roles and functions
  • specifying job roles and occupational competence
  • devising qualification structures, evidence specifications and assessment arrangements
  • implementing qualifications, including the qualifications needed by the delivery staff involved and the associated processes, procedures and protocols
  • developing progression routes for staff
  • creating competence-related HR tools, processes and procedures
  • advising on access to any available external funding for staff development.

HSQ operates a Register of Assessors and Internal Verifiers of Explosives, Munitions and Search Competence (RAIVEMS). The Register is intended to:

  • assist HSQ centres find qualified staff to assess and provide  internal quality assurance of HSQ’s  vocational qualifications;

  • help qualified assessors and internal verifiers with ESA competence to find employment, whether full-time, part-time or occasional.

For details, of the Assessor and Internal Verifier Register, please go to the Documents page.