Homeland Security Qualifications (HSQ) began in 2006 as a company dedicated to providing independent accreditation in the form of explosives- and defence-related qualifications.

HSQ  was established  to support  the Standards Setting Body for Explosives Munitions and Search Occupations (SSB for EMSO) and the continuing development of competence standards and qualifications for the explosives industry.  It is recognized by SSB and by the Sector Skills Strategy Group.  It is also central to the work carried out by EUExcert (www.euexcert.org).

Since its inception, HSQ has  carried out consultancy work relating to competence and qualifications specification and delivery for Government departments and agencies involved in the field of explosives  and other defence-related disciplines  and it advises other commercial organizations involved such work.   HSQ stands ready to help other safety critical and defence-related organizations both at home and overseas.

HSQ can draw on a wide range of skills and knowledge in the challenging activity of designing and bringing into use specifications of occupational competence and related qualifications.  Its personnel have a unique track record in helping governmental, commercial and third sector clients to achieve their HR goals, particularly,  but by no means exclusively – in the fields of explosives and defence-related activities.

Whether it is developing and linking organizational role profiles with existing standards and qualifications or creating new ones, HSQ staff have undertaken this kind of work in the fields of defence, meteorology and forensic science to name but a few.   They also have extensive experience of operating a range of qualifications schemes, including developing and implementing the internal administrative and quality assurance arrangements and meeting the expectations of external verifiers, regulators and inspectors.

and other defence-related discipines